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2015 was the year an idea to help people get available irrespective of language boundaries is what we envision. Whether it be about your business, legal, technical, medical, general translation necessity or information services we have encompassed a great amount of experience in all of them. Our world class translators are made sure that your experience with us remains of high quality. Be it about any language which is spoken or conveyed through sign language. It can be still be translated is what matters.
Thus, we make sure that it gets it’s meaning to you in its native form. There is no recoil here that hurts your chances, but it is more like the lucky clover which can surely boost your venture to the next level. Read More

Lingual Center is a leader among Indian & European translation companies placing emphasis on dedicated Project Management and excellent customer service. Lingual Center offers the widest range of document translation services with letter-perfect accuracy, industry-specific experience and a comprehensive network of knowledgeable translators covering virtually every major language.
Every one of Lingual Center clients receives personal attention and service from an assigned Project Manager who ensures each project, big or small, is given equal attention and deadlines are strictly adhered. The Project team is responsible for overseeing Lingual Center unique 2-step quality assurance process: Translation completed by a native speaker + checking and proofreading by a linguist, Revision by another native speaker specializing in your industry.

Lingual Center is complete expertise in Translation and Interpretation services solutions is customer-centric and believes in growing together because customer growth ultimately connotes our growth. Our sole mission is distinctive and unparalleled customer satisfaction by delivering cutting-edge High level Translation and Interpretation services. Our first responsibility is to understand customer requirement and work towards delivering them, within time and budget to maximize their business success.

Lingual Center is happy to provide sample translations of 200 to 300 words for FREE so you can sample and approve our Translation Quality before committing to a project. This offer is subject to the full project or annual requirement being a minimum for 5000 words. We are specializes in providing foreign language solutions to all industry sectors. Our services include multilingual translation, multilingual website development, localization, interpretation, transcription, .

Lingual Center quality assurance is the primary concern of any purchaser of translation and other services. This is perfectly understandable considering that, unless you speak the language you are translating into, you have no way of assessing the quality of the final translation. Whether it is a carefully crafted marketing message, a complex software product, or highly sensitive medical content, quality translation is critical Language Intelligence understands the need for quality assurance, and as a result we have designed a sophisticated Translation Quality Management System. Even with the significant advancement of automated translation technology, almost all professional translation is still done by human translators. Machines have not evolved to the point yet where they are able to handle the nuance of a marketing message, or the terminology and complexity of all kind of content.

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