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Unarguably, with increasing globalization, the need for digital and linguistic integration has risen. Brands are penetrating in newer markets with unique cultures. Differing languages are posing a crucial barrier towards efficient B2B and B2C corporate communication. Professional cross-cultural language translation is highly essential for garnering new leads in one’s favor. Lingual Center is committed to providing its clients with pitch-perfect translation services. We have successfully translated scientific, academic, technical, and corporate texts for various clients across the globe. Not to mention, we can also translate websites, portfolios, videos, film scripts, and reports. Be assured; Lingual Center is your go-to destination for any translation- related tasks! We have a systematized way of handling multiple projects at a given time; we have employed Project Managers, who are responsible for fulfilling all logistical requirements to carry out your projects smoothly. This makes our services more personalized, helping us focus on minute details. To sum it up, we work to ensure that no client is left dissatisfied.

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Translation and transcription plays a vital role in all major industries. Translation helps in luring new regional groups for the sale of one’s product.


Lingual Center approaches its services from a different angle. Our native translators are driven by their motivation and passion for translation writing.


Lingual Center follows a three-step pattern to implement quality assurance. Our native translators have handled many large and valuable projects.


Human expertise is the key to successful localization. We translate your business files sources into any target language from 100% human resources.


How perplexing can it become when a long text encounters you for your research paper in Hebrew? You come across a video that has amazing infographics, but to your dismay, the audio is in complex Bulgarian.

In today’s world, your website is the mightiest weapon. It has the potential to attract leads, generates revenue, and runs your organization. Hence, every MNC must understand the role of a global localization company.

When documented content is translated, we use strategies which involve expert native translators. However, nowadays, there is a growing requirement for verbal translation among businesses operating in various sectors.

Commercial voice is an effective way to reach the target audience. Everywhere we hear commercial voice messages from traditional radio commercials to television commercials. Have you noticed huge political summits where...

Our professional transcription and subtitle services ensure that your content, documents, and media are copied perfectly every time. We understand that good transcription is more than just words. Therefore, for every element...

Subtitles are text versions of dialogue in movies, films, videos, animations, web series, documentaries, and TV programs that are usually displayed at the bottom of the video screen. This can be a written presentation...
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Lingual Center is expertise in many industries that can benefit from translation services, there are some industries that essentially need this service to make their services or products more popular amongst their consumers. Here are the niche industries that need and can benefit greatly with certified translation services by the lingual center.


Why Lingual Center

Lingual Center is a pioneer between Asian & European translation companies placing accentuation on dedicated Project Management and classic customer solutions. Lingual Center Agency offers the widest range of medical translation services with letter-perfect precision, industry- specialize experience and an Enormous network of expert translators covering virtually every major language. Each one of Lingual Center customers gets personal attention and service from an assigned Project Manager who ensures every project, small or big, is given equal attention and deadlines have strictly adhered. The Project team is eligible for overseeing Lingual Center unique 2-step quality assurance process: Translation completed by a native speaker and checking, proofreading by an expert linguist, Revision by another domain expert native speaker who is specializing in your own industry.

Mission & Vision

Lingual Center mission is to transcend language and culture by uniting people in our multilingual world to improve understanding of human expression. In this way, we strive to look for new ways to connect people throughout the world. LC customer-centric and beliefs in growing together because customer growth ultimately connotes our growth. Our sole mission is distinctive and unparalleled customer satisfaction by delivering cutting-edge High-level Translation and Interpretation services. Our first responsibility is to understand the customer requirement and satisfaction for each project.

Why We are Special

Lingual Center is offering the Pre-free service (sample translations up to 300 words) to sense our quality of works before committing for a final project. This offer is available only for that customer who is able to provide at least 5000 to 1000 words project. We are expertise in providing foreign language services to all several industries. Our services include Linguist Voice-Over multilingual DTP services translation, website localization, interpretation, transcription as well,


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