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It may be during a presentation or meeting when you may have fallen short of words or got your proposal rejected, which cost you a deal. Language must be taken seriously, or you may lose a great deal. For this reason, having a translation service provider by your side can be an added advantage. They are simply bringing markets from all across the world, together with breaking the language barriers. We at Lingual Center, commit to your requirements by providing you best translation services.

What do we do?

Whether taking your brands to the unchartered boundaries or getting the research paper in a different language, at Lingual Center provide you all the assistance with your work. We have clientele from different walks of life who require or support to get systemized and accurate translation related work. From technical to scientific and corporate to academic texts are translated successfully by our teams of professionals. Our team comprises a Project Manager, and professional translators to provide our clients with personalized services.

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Our Services as Language Translation Agency in Mumbai include:

Getting your work translated perfectly in a jiffy is our first preference. We can help you get your language straight without any glitch. They help you translate technical, corporate, and even scientific material successfully.

In todays world, your website is the mightiest weapon. It has the potential to attract leads, generates revenue, and runs your organization. Hence, every MNC must understand the role of a global localization company.

So, many books in different languages that can help you with your studies. There are times when many of us want to understand a particular text or audio. You may be looking for the perfect language translation agency in Mumbai and that could be us.

Want the accurate voice-over in a different languages for your multimedia presentation, then voice-over specialists can help you out with it. Being the Professional Translation Company in Mumbai, India, we try to provide the best services.

Our team of professionals gets transcription conversion done in electronic or written format for you in no time. For legal, medical, and even business purposes, we try to keep our customers needs as the priority.

Subtitles are text versions of dialogue in movies, films, videos, animations, web series, documentaries, and TV programs that are usually displayed at the bottom of the video screen. This can be a written presentation...



Healthcare and pharma sectors are growing faster than many of the sectors. From getting your application forms filled to getting the transcription of the medical reports right is what we do best. Having troubles with reports and tests in different languages can confuse, we make sure you get the right translated version of those documents.

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Language can block your way to success in the field of banking and finance. To avoid such situations, its better to get hold of Industry Language translation services in Mumbai, India. At Lingual Center we make sure our clients get accurate data through various services under this group.

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Entertainment and media that are required in every face of life. Want voice-overs or even subtitles for your footage, then reach out to one of the best Industry Language translation services in Mumbai, India.

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With digitalization, education has sky-rocketed through the roof. With more than thousands of courses swarming the internet, it is making life easier for most of the students. To stay updated and connected with students all over the world, it is important to seek the help of translation service providers. Whether it is Chinese or Bulgarian, we have translators, proof-readers, and a project manager to look after the smooth process.

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Having access to appropriate information is one's' necessity and right. With IT being one of the highest-ranking industries in India, you may want to stay on top as well. With the best-translating services, one can get the globalized result without any glitch. Get your data correct and on-time.

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Having access to appropriate information is one's' necessity and right. With IT being one of the highest-ranking industries in India, you may want to stay on top as well. With the best-translating services, one can get the globalized result without any glitch. Get your data correct and on-time.

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Other than these Tele-communications, FMCG, and retail are other sectors that require the assistance of translation services to lure new clients and partners.

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Industries often face issues in legal formalities and other documents when in foreign countries. Our clients trust us to provide accurate translations of legal documents and corporate documents. Our professional translators make sure they get the details right and ways for further proceedings. Even a slight misunderstanding could lead to ones downfall so its best to take the help of good language translation services

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Why Lingual Center

Lingual Center is a pioneer between Asian & European translation companies placing accentuation on dedicated Project Management and classic customer solutions. Lingual Center Agency offers the widest range of medical translation services with letter-perfect precision, industry- specialize experience and an Enormous network of expert translators covering virtually every major language. Each one of Lingual Center customers gets personal attention and service from an assigned Project Manager who ensures every project, small or big, is given equal attention and deadlines have strictly adhered. The Project team is eligible for overseeing Lingual Center unique 2-step quality assurance process: Translation completed by a native speaker and checking, proofreading by an expert linguist, Revision by another domain expert native speaker who is specializing in your own industry.

Mission & Vision

Lingual Center mission is to transcend language and culture by uniting people in our multilingual world to improve understanding of human expression. In this way, we strive to look for new ways to connect people throughout the world. Lingual Center customer-centric and beliefs in growing together because customer growth ultimately connotes our growth. Our sole mission is distinctive and unparalleled customer satisfaction by delivering cutting-edge High-level Translation and Interpretation services. Our first responsibility is to understand the customer requirement and satisfaction for each project.

Why We are Special

Lingual Center is offering the Pre-free service (sample translations up to 300 words) to sense our quality of works before committing for a final project. This offer is available only for that customer who is able to provide at least 5000 to 1000 words project. We are expertise in providing foreign language services to all several industries. Our services include Linguist Voice-Over multilingual DTP services translation, website localization, interpretation, transcription as well,


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