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Accurate and Reliable Certificate Translation Services for Official Documents

Many archives, such as death certificates, birth certificates, foreign IDs, or certified translation services for immigration, are accepted internationally. Accurate certificate translation services from Lingual Center are the best option to make these papers understandable to the relevant authorities worldwide. Several groups only buy translated documents that have a Certificate of Accuracy.

Certificate Translation Services

Certificate Translation: Originality Intact

Certificate translation is the process of translating official and private papers (certificates) from their original language to one or more target languages. Using certified certificate translation services serves a straightforward goal.

Our expert linguists help accurately convey the original meaning and tone of a certificate while considering local legal distinctions.

Certificate Translation with Certificate of Authenticity

Linguistic translation services enable firms to expand their reach without overcoming language barriers. In addition to translation, we offer a "Certificate of Authenticity," which many foreign countries require throughout the visa and emigration procedures. We at Lingual Center, a professional certified translation company in Mumbai, certify the quality and correctness of the translation by comparing it to the original document's source texts and issuing an official letter saying that the translation is correct and accurate.

Why Choose Lingual Center Certified Translation Services?

We translate genuine, specialised, and clinical records in the specified language for organisations and individuals. In addition, we provide exact, professional, and plagiarism- free certificate translation services in all languages for both Indian and international clients.

Why Choose Our Certificate Translation Services

  • Accuracy in Quality

Our exceptional team of native translators and multilingual language specialists can translate any document into any language. We guarantee professional-quality work, ensuring our clients never need to seek other service providers. Our translated documents are widely recognized by foreign and Indian educational institutions, government offices, large banks, embassies, and jurisdictions both in India and abroad.

  • On-Time Delivery

We pride ourselves on our punctual deliveries. With our 48-hour delivery policy, we are a leading choice in the industry.

  • Qualified Translators and Professional Associations

As a trustworthy translation service provider in India, we offer certified translation services from Marathi to English and other languages. Our translators are qualified members of the ITA, ATA, and IF.

  • Safety and Confidentiality

We guarantee the security and integrity of your documents and the information you provide.

  • Affordability

Our certificate translation services combine excellent quality with reasonable pricing. Our core business principles are to provide quality, prompt service, and value for money.

What types of documents we can translate for your Certified Documents Translation

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Academic Certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce and Decrees
  • Visa and Passport
  • Medical Records
  • Immigration Documents
  • Police Clearance (PPC)
  • Property Documents

What Are the Costs of Certificate Translation Services at The Lingual Center?

The word count of the document, its complexity, the language pair it is being translated into, and the urgency of the delivery all affect how much the Lingual Center charges for certificate translation services. We invite you to contact us directly for a free quote in order to receive an accurate price for your job.

Be assured of Lingual Center accurate and high-quality certificate translation services in Mumbai. We recognize the value of accuracy and timeliness in legal translations, and our open pricing structure demonstrates our commitment to giving you the most excellent service possible.

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