Consecutive Interpretation Services in India

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation should not be confused with simultaneous translation, which has a significant advantage because it does not require special equipment other than the translator's microphone. The disadvantage of this type of interpretation is that the talk time multiplies when the translator's speech must follow the speaker's time. Multilingual summits, meetings, sessions, and conferences can be a challenge. Understanding your message is the key to the success of the interpreting session. You must forward the message accurately to participants who do not speak your language. Here are some tips that we have collected for you.

In a Consecutive interpretation, the translator speaks after the speaker in the source language stops speaking.

  • Remember, when the translator speaks at the same time or in a row, and try to mark a break so that the translator has time to catch up.
  • Translators can take notes during the session to ensure that not all-important details are ignored. All notes are deleted at the end of the session.
  • Try not to have private conversations with other people, this is also interpreted.
  • Translators do not share any information received during translation or reception prior to the meeting.
  • Make sure you have the right interpretation environment and avoid external interference and noise.
  • If you have documents to help, translators prepare or speak for meetings, please provide in advance to familiarize the translator with your topic and terminology.
  • Provide translators with the appropriate tools such as Microphone or audio equipment if needed.
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