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Marketing Translation

Your Marketing Partner Marketing Translation is beyond the understanding of the creative concepts behind the original copy, but to be fair to them by creating content for the target market in the client's language. The ability to understand the target audience, competition, consumer habits, attitudes, and lifestyle is a key element in marketing translation. Because competitive markets are prevalent in today's global era, the best products can fail if they are not sold well. That is the reason; Marketers are interested in localizing their marketing strategies and promoting their products overseas.

In marketing translation, the company's marketing content is translated from one language to another. This includes writing interesting and engaging content that influences the local audience. Unlike general or technical translations, marketing translators must be good in writing. Marketing translations can also involve the appearance of a trance when translators and writers work together to create truly interesting content.

Lingual Center provides high-quality translation marketing services to help companies expand their horizons and expand their business to a new audience. With more than two years of experience in overcoming language barriers, business knowledge, and writing skills, we consciously strive to present the right corporate image through translation and adjustment projects.

Lingual Center
Lingual Center

Our marketing translation services specialize in websites, brochures, catalog, press releases, slogans, E- learning programs, and presentations to support your global marketing campaign. Our team consists of copywriters and language specialists from countries that are familiar with local culture, jargon, and everyday language. We localize marketing communications in more than 100 languages ​​and work with your team to optimize your creative communication and help you achieve your business goals for each target market. Recognizing that marketing material is an important document responsible for corporate branding, we strive to ensure that translated documents meet all quality standards and are intended for all types of readers. We have worked with several international clients on major marketing translation projects and provide invaluable support for professional translation marketing in translation in all major foreign languages.

Marketing Content We Translate:

Brochures, Sales presentations and proposals, Press release, Market research, Presentations Fliers, Slogans, Websites, Advertisements, Catalogs, Campaigns, E-learning programs, Interviews Corporate Internal documents, Company videos (subtitling), Conference programs, Packaging, Etc…

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