Translation Services

How perplexing can it become when a long text encounters you for your research paper in Hebrew? You come across a video that has amazing infographics, but to your dismay, the audio is in complex Bulgarian. Indeed, these situations do make us realise the importance of language in communication. Of course, you are not the legendary polyglot Ziad Fazah, who can speak 58 unique languages!.
Nevertheless, you can still try to figure your way out using online machine-based translators. But seriously? Here is a fun exercise. Have you tried translating a song’s lyrics using an online translator? If not, do it!.
Thanks to the blessings showered by fellow polyglots working at the Lingual Centre, today we are a coveted translation agency with a mastery in to-the-context translation. We, at Lingual Centre, have dedicated translators committed to translate and interpret texts, videos, songs and documents in the language you desire.
You might be wondering, what makes our services unique? There is a multitude of reasons to have our work for you. Firstly, we work because we love our work. The passion of being immersed in the pool of different languages motivates us to deliver high-quality results. Secondly, our dedicated translators have allowed us to proudly brag about our services you.
With work experience ranging between 5 and 25 years, our translators have been trained not only to translate but also to provide meaningful context to your texts. Being native speakers, there is no room for error. Be it in Russian or Sanskrit, you can now enjoy any form of media in your native language.

Some of our prestigeous clients