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Strike a Chord at Your Viewers’ Heart Strings with Best Voice-Over Services in Mumbai.

Having trouble getting your words translated in different vernacular voice-overs for your audio? Let me tell you, it can be quite confusing at times. So, take my advice, leave that headache to us. Let us convert your audio and video to the language you need them to be converted in. Being affordable and professional voice over services in Mumbai, Lingual Center works relentlessly to bring our client pitch perfect voice-overs that compliments their hard work.


Want your brand commercials to leave an impact on your foreign customers? Yes! Then you need a serious, dedicated, and professional voice-over specialist who can bring it to your viewers without changing the essence of your commercials. With the help of our voice over services in Mumbai, you will feel assured about that.


Looking from an entertainment perspective most international visuals go for voice-overs to reach a large group of people. If the quality of the voice over is not good, then that could make you lose your viewers. We can help by providing the best voice over services in mumbai. This includes high quality and clarity sound without any errors.


Most of the time voice over service providers focus on narration and overlook the translation to the narrative scripts. We take the process all the way from proper translation and conversion of the script into narrative style and then proofreading before getting it recorded over the original track. We take the help of native language speakers to give it a fine touch. Our clients range from documentary makers to reporters, and such other aspects of the multimedia industry. Being one of the affordable and professional voice over services in Mumbai we have noticed a growing demand for voice-over in a narrative style.


Another area where voice-over is greatly used is animation. With so many animations flooding the internet every year there is a tough competition going on in the market. To stay ahead you need to take the international market into consideration as well. Remember, the animated version of ‘Ramayana’ becoming more popular in foreign countries than in India. So, by using voice-over services one can surely reach and captivate viewers from all around the world. Here, at the Lingual Center, you won’t have to worry about the pronunciation or quality. Our services are100% genuine.

Our dedication is reflected in the testimonials and reviews shared by our past and present clients. Before you go deciding upon voice-over specialists just make sure to look for certain qualities;

  • Run a background check, look for past work
  • Techniques and equipment used for voice recording
  • Other services such as translation and transcribing included or not
  • Quality assurance

We, at Lingual Center try to make it the best experience for our clients. So, we take extra care to check it twice before delivering the final product. After all customers are our priority.

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