Financial & Banking

Financial & Banking

For precision and accuracy in the translation of financial documents, banks, their clients and other financial institutions have only one name to trust that is Lingual Center!
We offer services in more than 150 languages, and have a proven ability to translate any banking document, no matter whatever is the length, level of complexity or target language.

We have a global network of native translators with expertise in translation of financial documents including:

  • Accounts reports
  •  Loan applications
  •  Investment and loan agreements
  • Bank prospectus and application form
  •  Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  •  Profit and loss
  •  Bonds and securities
  •  Taxation related documents
  •  Contractual agreements
  •  Shareholder's report
  •  Claim documents

Our translators are both experienced and capable of handling such a wide range of documents with 100% accuracy and on time. We also support banks to customize their financial, marketing and business communication documentation into their language of choice to do the business abroad and attract new customers.
We have specialized banking experts working across numerous language pairs for our translation projects at highly competitive rates. Our expertise in global financial services has empowered us to meet the expectations of some of the world's largest banking and finance institutions across the globe.

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