Subtitle & Captionning

Subtitle & Captionning

Once any film is been completed or any as such animation or comic is done. One need it to reach globally. If you watch any as such advertisement or video or animation which is in some language which is not in your own understanding you may struggle to a great level to know what it is. If such happens with your own production or venture you may feel bad and might not be able to reach the desired public as expected. One to reach proper public thus requires to add proper caption to a video and proper subtitles to a video. Once able to convey what is expected one might get the proper idea over the content.

How it benefits?

When you are unable to reach every mass crowd available surely you are wasting some of your profit you might have got. But, whatever be the case a loss is a loss and one wants that not to occur. For, that proper delivery of content needs to be done with outmost accuracy and assured guarantee. We will delivery that to you and thus make sure no such loss ever comes in your path. Let your productions true potential be known to all your audience.

Why a subtitling company in Mumbai named LingualCenter?

With every options or title been described into the best way possible me make sure that your content is been described in the manner that it reaches every possible public in the best way possible. We assure that no mistake will be left so that your reputation stays high with best delivered material making you a better and best option in the market at the same time. We can assure you that we are not the best closed captioning company in Mumbai or best closed captioning service providers but the only legendary subtitling company in Mumbai.


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  • Subtitles for movies
  • Subtitles for YouTube
  • Subtitles for Video
  • Subtitles for Music Videos
  • Subtitles for Television Productions and Documentaries
  • Internet Captioning and Subtitling
  • DVD Subtitling and Video Subtitling
  • Offered in various media formats like Beta, film & DVD
  • We provide subtitles in .SRT, .SUB, .IDX and many more.

Our competent team of captionors can provide open/closed captioning in all languages.

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